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Kristin Key

Kristin Key grew up a minister’s daughter in a small town in West Texas. Much like the movie “Footloose", she was raised in a no-drinking, no-dancing, no instrumental music environment…so she immediately took up drinking, dancing and playing an instrument.

roving that the almighty has a strange sense of humor, Kristin came out of the closet at 15. Needless to say, it did not go well with the conservative family. So, Kristin decided to “take it back”, retreat back into the closet, and try a little harder to be straight.

At age 19, while in college to become a paramedic, Key signed up for Open Mic Night at the local comedy club. As soon as she took the stage she felt at home.

2006 - LAST COMIC STANDING When Last Comic Standing held their auditions in Austin, Texas, she stood in line hoping for a chance to be seen. After 7 hours of waiting, she got her chance and her ticket to Hollywood to compete with the best in the comedy world. At the end of the season she stood among the final six and watched as her fan base exploded. With validation from millions of comedy fans, Key moved to L.A. and began preparing a new act to take on the road.

While participating in an anti-bullying fundraiser, Kristin finally broke her silence and decided to share her hilarious story of coming out, taking it back, living in the closet, and meeting her wife. After 15 years in comedy, Kristin has found a way to perfectly blend together her thought provoking hilarious true stories and original songs with outrageous off-the-cuff improv moments, ensuring that no two shows are the same.

She is most recognized for her appearance on NBC's "Bring the Funny", additional credits include: her Dry Bar Comedy special "Kristin Key: Crafty", Comics Unleashed, VH- 1’s 100 Greatest Series, The Bob and Tom show and Sirius and XM Satellite Radio. Kristin's 5th and latest standup album "Keeper of Feelings" (800 Pound Gorilla records) is receiving airplay on Sirius/Xm and Pandora radio. Her musical comedy album "Kristin Key: Songs in the Key of Kristin" debuted at number 6 on the Billboard comedy charts and her original song "Road Trip" was chosen as the 2nd prize winner in the 2020 International Songwriter's Competition.
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